Heritage Retrofit

BCD SPECIAL REPORT ON HERITAGE RETROFIT FIRST ANNUAL EDITION 1 CONTENTS THE BUILDING CONSERVATION DIRECTORY SPECIAL REPORT ON HERITAGE RETROFIT First Annual Edition ISBN 978 1 900915 87 8 PUBLISHED BY Cathedral Communications Limited High Street, Tisbury, Wiltshire SP3 6HA Tel 01747 871717 Fax 01747 871718 Email admin@buildingconservation.com www.buildingconservation.com MANAGING DIRECTOR Gordon Sorensen EDITOR Jonathan Taylor DEPUTY EDITOR David Boulting PUBLIC RELATIONS Elizabeth Coyle-Camp PRODUCTION & ADMINISTRATION Lynn Green Lydia Porter ADVERTISING Nicholas Rainsford Carla Winchcombe TYPESETTING & DESIGN xendo PRINTING Micropress Printers Ltd The many companies and specialist groups advertising in this Building Conservation Directory Special Report have been invited to participate on the basis of their established involvement in the heritage retrofit field and the suitability of some of their products and services for traditional buildings. Some of the participants also supply products and services to other areas of the building market which have no application in the heritage retrofit field. The inclusion of any company or individual in this publication should not necessarily be regarded as either a recommendation or an endorsement by the publishers. Although every effort has been made to ensure that information in this book is correct at the time of printing, responsibility for errors or omissions cannot be accepted by the publishers or any of the contributors. © Copyright 2017 Cathedral Communications Limited All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recordings, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of Cathedral Communications Limited. COVER ILLUSTRATION 5th Studio’s proposals for renewable energy in the retrofit of New Court, Trinity College (Image: 5th Studio) £5.95 FROM THE EDITORS The contribution made by the UK’s older buildings to climate change should not be ignored. Our country has the second highest level of greenhouse gas emissions in Europe, 557 million tonnes in 2014. Energy-use in buildings is responsible for a third of this, and almost a quarter of our homes are over a century old. If our grandchildren are to avoid catastrophe, the government’s target of an 80 per cent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 must be met, and all buildings must play their part. Older buildings should, however, be treated carefully as modern retrofit technology can be highly damaging to older structures and counter-productive. In this rapidly developing field, new research is revealing how we can make best use of their strengths and resolve their weaknesses, and developments in both modern and traditional technologies are helping us to keep them warm and dry sustainably. The aim of this publication is to bring the latest information to those who need it most. Welcome to the first edition of Heritage Retrofit . 2 HERITAGE AND SUSTAINABILITY Dennis Rodwell 6 RETROFIT IN HERITAGE BUILDINGS Understanding the risks Iain McCaig 10 THE EASY WINS A strategic approach to improving energy efficiency in traditional homes Rachel Coxcoon 14 SUSTAINABILITY STANDARDS AND REGULATIONS John Edwards 17 EPCs AT CLOVELLY Jonathan Taylor 19 RADICAL RETROFIT at Trinity College, Cambridge Jonathan Taylor 23 INTERNALLY INSULATED SOLID WALLS The SPAB building performance survey Caroline Rye and Cameron Scott 27 INDOOR AIR QUALITY AND VENTILATION in traditional building retrofit Nicholas Heath 31 HOME AND DRY Developing a non-hydraulic setting air lime for the insulation and repair of traditional buildings Harry Cursham 35 INSULATION IN TIMBER-FRAMED BUILDINGS Robert Demaus 40 YAKISUGI CHARRED TIMBER An ancient technique in new hands Diana Rowsell 43 HEATING NATIONAL TRUST PROPERTIES Emma Griffiths 47 USEFUL CONTACTS 49 PRODUCTS & SERVICES 52 EVENTS 52 INDEX OF ADVERTISERS