BCD 2019

106 T H E B U I L D I N G CO N S E R VAT I O N D I R E C TO R Y 2 0 1 9 C AT H E D R A L COMMU N I C AT I ON S FINE JOINERY ◾ ◾ STONE EDGE LIMITED ▪ ▪ London office – Tel 020 3597 7366 ▪ ▪ Midland office – Tel 01889 586624 ▪ ▪ North West office – Tel 01282 698770 ▪ ▪ North East office – Tel 01904 405450 Email info@stone-edge.co.uk www.stone-edge.co.uk JOINERY : See also: display entry on the outside back cover and profile entry in Stone, page 90. ◾ ◾ SWAN FARM STUDIOS LTD The Jackfield Tile Museum, Church Road, Jackfield, Ironbridge, Shropshire TF8 7AP Tel 07815 605540 Email info@alanlamb.co.uk www.swanfarmstudios.co.uk FINE JOINERY : See also: display entry in Interiors Consultants & Conservators, page 160. TIMBER SUPPLIERS ◾ ◾ WEALD AND DOWNLAND LIVING MUSEUM Singleton, Chichester, West Sussex PO18 0EU Tel 01243 811021 Email courses@wealddown.co.uk www.wealddown.co.uk CONSERVATION SUPPLIES AND SERVICES : See also: profile entry in Courses & Training, page 178. M A D E I N F A K E N H A M , N O R F O L K A R C H I T E C T U R A L W O O D W O R K ・ C O N S E R V A T I O N J O I N E R Y 0 1 3 2 8 8 7 8 8 1 7 ・ 0 7 7 7 6 0 9 3 0 0 4 ・ t o m m a r s t o n @ i c l o u d . c o m w w w . t o m m a r s t o n . c o m T O M M A R S T O N L T D H I S T O R I C A L L Y A C C U R A T E J O I N E R Y S A S H E S , D OO R S & S H U T T E R S F O R B U I L D I N G C O N S E R V A T I O N JAMESON JOINERY was established in 1986 by Robert Jameson, who has a background in agricultural engineering and surveying, with a view to filling a niche market for low volume high quality joinery. By utilising exacting engineering principles and standards the businesshasdevelopedanexcellentreputation for the design and manufacture of a diverse range of joinery and associated products. Traditionally trained and experienced joiners usingonly the finest quality timbers combined wit h modern machinery produce first class work, resulting in the company being nominated contractors for a wide range of high profile projects, many of which have received RICS and other prestigious awards. With a sound knowledge of both historic and current building construction the company offers technical advice and a design service to complement the manufacturing facility. 01403 782868 info@jamesonjoinery.co.uk www.jamesonjoinery.co.uk JAMESON JOINERY