BCD 2019

LOCATED IN RURAL KENT, SPICER TILES IS LEADING THE WAY IN REVIVING THE HANDMADE CLAY ROOF & FLOOR TILE INDUSTRY. The Spicer family has been manufacturing roof tiles for over 30 years, using the most robust clays found in the UK, this paired with traditional skills and modern kiln technology enables us to advise clients on product and design solutions, technical expertise all backed up by first class customer service, support and technical knowledge. Tested and approved by an independent body, our affordable, genuine handmade clay tiles include standard and bespoke colours and styles, offering the architect, specifier or homeowner complete freedom to achieve the roof they desire. Our ranges include traditional Kent Pegs, Plain Tiles, Fittings and Floor Tiles. t: 01797 364777 E: sales@spicertiles.co.uk www.spicertiles.co.uk Call today for a free sample, a no obligation quote and book a factory tour H A N D M A D E T I L E S & F I T T I N G S