The Building Conservation Directory 2020

140 T H E B U I L D I N G C O N S E R VAT I O N D I R E C T O R Y 2 0 2 0 C AT H E D R A L C O MM U N I C AT I O N S PAINTS & FINISHES continued Soft Distemper | Casein Distemper | Flat Oil Oil Bound Distemper | Eggshells | Emulsions Limewashes & Sheltercoats for Traditional & Historic Buildings Handmade at Horchester Farm, Dorset | 01935 83676 Manufacturers & Suppliers of Genuine Traditional Paints ◾ PICREATOR ENTERPRISES LTD 44 Park View Gardens, Hendon, London NW4 2PN Tel 020 8202 8972 Fax 020 8202 3435 Email RESTORATION AND CONSERVATION PRODUCTS : See also: display entry in Conservation Supplies, page 128. ◾ WOMERSLEY’S LIMITED Ravensthorpe Industrial Estate, Low Mill Lane, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire WF13 3LN Tel 01924 400651 Email NATURAL AND BREATHABLE HISTORIC PAINT RANGES PAINT REMOVAL ◾ DEVONSHIRE LIME COMPANY Westwater House, Tedburn St Mary, Exeter EX6 6EH Tel 01647 792450/01404 648370 Mobile 07907 664997 Email LISTED AND HISTORIC BUILDING CONSERVATION : See also: profile entry in Plasterwork, page 171. ◾ HIRST CONSERVATION LTD Head office – Laughton, Sleaford, Lincolnshire NG34 0HE Tel 01529 497449 ▪ London office – 75 Cowcross Street, London EC1M 6EL Tel 0800 917 8664 Email REMOVAL OF SPECIFIC PAINT LAYERS FROM INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR SURFACES : See also: display entry on the inside front cover and profile entry in Mortars & Renders, page 138. ◾ ORBIS CONSERVATION LTD Unit 2 Brookmarsh Trading Estate, Norman Road, London SE10 9QE Tel 020 8293 3435 Email FINE ART CONSERVATORS : See also: display and profile entries in Sculpture, pages 107 and 106. ◾ STONE EDGE LIMITED ▪ Midland office – Tel 01889 586624 ▪ North West office – Tel 01282 698770 ▪ North East office – Tel 01904 405450 ▪ Email PAINT REMOVAL : See also: profile entry in Stone, page 104. ◾ STRIPPERS PAINT REMOVERS Fishers Farm, Belchamp Walter, Sudbury, Suffolk CO10 7AP Tel 01787 371524 Email PAINT AND COATING REMOVERS : Manufacturers of specialist paint stripper and paint removing products since 1974. Effective products and systems for removing paint, pioneering many of the processes and techniques that have since become standard practice in building conservation and renovation. The range of specialist products can remove paint and coatings from virtually any surface. See also: Anglia Lime Company profile entry in Mortars & Renders, page 137. l ACCESS IT FROM ANYWHERE l RESEARCH YOUR TOPIC l FIND THE RIGHT SUPPLIER YOUR FREE INFORMATION RESOURCE FOR BUILDING CONSERVATION AND REPAIR