The Building Conservation Directory 2023

Traditional Roof Tiles // Handmade and wood fired, our clay roof tiles provide a beautiful spectrum of colours from orange through to dark red. The tiles are blended to create a distinctive, traditional feel. Ridges, bonnets, tile and a half’s, valleys and eaves complete the range. Natural Building Materials // Eco-friendly build? We have developed a range of products, including structural and insulating walling blocks, that deliver low-embodied energy, sustainability and performance. These are often compatible with heritage and conservation projects. Glazing & Ceramics // Stunning glazed bricks and tiles for contemporary and conservation work, both interior and exterior. Matching brick glazes on heritage buildings, we also work with commercial and domestic architects and designers to create beautiful bespoke glazes. Traditional Brickmakers // Wood fired, handmade bricks produce the characteristic natural glazes so often found in heritage buildings. Passionate about bricks, we provide a full brick matching service and go to great lengths to create bespoke blends, non-standard brick specials and pavers to retain the integrity of your building. Lime Mortar // Building with lime made simple. Lime mortar with a flint fleck is recommended for heritage brickwork, woodfired bricks and natural buildings. It creates an authentic appearance and is breathable, durable and flexible. Our pre-mix lime mortars save time and labour, producing consistent mortar quality. Specialist Brick Services // Transform existing bricks to the required shape. Tint and re-face to match restoration work. Our skilled Cutting & Bonding department also offers a full range of brick arches, both loose and pre-bonded, to promote the structure and aesthetics of new and heritage buildings.