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Based in Wales, UK, Cintecâ„¢ International Ltd has been a leader in innovative thinking engineering research and development since 1984.

Cintecâ„¢ International Ltd now provides Turn-Key design and installation of Masonry Anchoring Stabilization systems, Seismic and Explosion Blast Mitigation Protection products and services globally.

Cintecâ„¢ International Ltd is based in Newport, South Wales and delivers a global service through Cintec North America, Cintec Australia, Cintec India in Delhi. In addition, it has partnerships and agents throughout the world including China in Nanjing.

The system is ideal in providing a discrete and effective method of structural stabilisation for a diverse range of applications including civil engineering, listed buildings and ancient monuments.

Whilst the basic concept behind the system is simple, the engineering advantages over other traditional methods are enormous by providing flexibility of design affording the most effective and discrete solutions to a diverse range of structural problems.

Projects range from Windsor Castle after the great fire to Temple Hibis in the Western Desert, and the Red Pyramid in Dalshur, Egypt and European Parliament Buildings in Athens.

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