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The Building Conservation Directory 2020 is now available. This edition brings together the latest expert advice and up-to-date information on craft skills, conservation products and specialist services, as well as course listings and other essential information.

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Historic Churches 2019

The 26th edition of Historic Churches leads with an article on the Taylor Review and examines the significance of extending the use of ecclesiastical buildings in relation to their future survival. Order your copy here or view the flipping book here.

Historic Churches 2017

New Articles

Mortar Analysis: A View from the Lab

The role of laboratory testing in historic mortar repairs is explained by Mike Barham, using case studies to illustrate the importance of identifying mortar compositions and finding appropriate alternatives.

Historic mortar samples including natural air lime and a range of pozzolanic mortars.

Modern Lime

Roz Artis explores the development of lime mortars, looking closely at modern variations and methods.

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