Historic Churches

The Conservation and Repair of Ecclesiastical Buildings, 26th Annual Edition (Summer 2019)


Historic Churches

This annual publication provides a range of articles on key issues by leading conservators, academics, clergy, volunteers and charity staff who care for and promote the UK’s magnificent ecclesiastical heritage.

Beautifully illustrated in full colour throughout, the magazine will be of interest to all who are involved in the maintenance and conservation of churches, chapels and other places of worship or who have an interest in the precious legacy of their history and craftsmanship.

The 26th edition of Historic Churches is also available as a free digital flipping book.

Articles in the 2019 edition

  • The Taylor Review – Diana Evans
  • Sacred of Secular: The Use of the Nave in Medieval Parish Churches – Richard Halsey
  • Intangible Heritage – Charlotte Dodgeon
  • Stained Glass and its Environment – Dan Humphries
  • Protective Glazing: The Design and Use of EPG Systems for Stained Glass Windows – Robyn Pender
  • Notre Dame: The Need for Better Fire Prevention Strategies - Jonathan Taylor and Felicity Fox
  • Digital Churches: Enhancing the Visitor Experience – Spencer Clark
  • Mortar Analysis: A View From the Lab – Mike Barham
  • Church Redundancy: Lessons from Scotland – Victoria Collison-Owen
  • Teatime and Toilets – Jonathan Taylor

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