Advertising Policy

Company advertisements which appear on Buildingconservation.com are accepted on the basis of the company's established involvement in the field of building conservation and the suitability of their products or services for historic buildings and their surroundings. Some companies included may also produce products or supply services which have no application in the building conservation field. The editor endeavors to ensure that unsuitable products and services are not promoted.

Although many of the products and services described on this website are the same as those used traditionally, some new non-traditional products and materials are also included where these are clearly necessary for the conservation of a building.

For example, companies carrying out epoxy resins repairs are included on this website because this non-traditional technique enables as much of the original fabric to be preserved as possible. On the other hand, moulded polystyrene and GRP copies of fine timber carving are not included, even where they are superbly detailed. Although there may be circumstances where such products are considered appropriate for use in historic buildings, they are not included on this website because the principal reason for using them is cost-saving, and they are not usually necessary to preserve the existing fabric.

This website is intended to help users to find the most appropriate product or service, and every effort is made to ensure that only appropriate products and services are included. Nevertheless, Cathedral Communications cannot accept responsibility for any product or service supplied by any company advertising on this website.

Anyone carrying out conservation and repair work on historic buildings should seek the advice of appropriately qualified and accredited specialist consultants before undertaking the work. Historic buildings are extremely sensitive, and a product or service which is suitable in one instance may not be suitable in another.



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