Name & Address Listings

free to current advertisers and voluntary bodies


Screenshot of a company listing from the website


How you qualify

Voluntary bodies and non-commerical organisations providing free information of relevance to conservation, and companies currently advertising in the publications illustrated below, all qualify for a free name and address listing on this website. These publications are:

Building Conservation Directory
Annual circulation: 11,000
Historic Churches
Annual circulation: 6,000
Context, journal of the IHBC
Circulation: c 2,000
5 issues PA
Historic Churches
Annual circulation: 5,500

What it includes

The listing is displayed on BuildingConservation.com for 12 months and it includes your company name, address, email and the briefest possible description of the service offered. It is indexed under your company name and up to five product/service categories.

Name and address listings may be increased to a 'Standard Webpack' with 100 words of text, an illustration or logo and a hotlink to a website for £100 (the rate for non-publication advertisers is £300). For details click here.

Further information

For further information, please contact Nicholas Rainsford or Carla Winchcombe at Cathedral Communications Limited.

Tel 01747 871717
Email link